Fire Protection Is An Important Part Of Risk Management

fire hose adapters

The incidence of fire breakouts will be one of the most hazardous and dangerous. So, all property and business owners should think seriously about this and prioritize the fire risk as part of their property or business’s risk management plan. You will no doubt already have a comprehensive commercial insurance policy in place. Why not have another serious chat with your insurance underwriter in regard to re-examining all the potential fire hazards on your premises? Depending on the premise’s infrastructure, there could be a need to install fire hose reels in strategic places.

And alongside of that, your risk manager, in-house or contracted, will be beaming from ear to ear when you stock your storeroom with fire hose adapters. Established or experienced risk managers should be able to better inform you about the service providers that cater for the fire risk categories on your premises. On your behalf, they can hire a consultant to come and visit and inspect your premises. This, of course, places them in a strong position to advise how your risk management stock inventory should look.

Depending on the size, scale and nature of your business, it might even be better to hire a specialist fire risk manager to inspect your premises. and after the initial installations have been made, regular maintenance schedules can commence. This will also include a proper control of your risk management inventory. You will, and should, always have fire extinguishers on your premises in strategic areas. These extinguishers will always have limited lifespans, even when not in use. A barcode inspection allows you to monitor expiry dates and check when replacements are due.   

Well, enough said for the time being. Time then to revisit your business’s risk management plan.