Ballistic Shields

If you ask about shields, most people think about knights, legionaries, and fantasy. Shields were mostly used for protection during battle, but with the rise of gunpowder, the shield and armor slowly faded away. However, the concept of having a barrier between you and danger is something that is timeless, which has led to the technology of ballistic shields.

The ballistic shield is a device often used by riot police and SWAT teams, and it allows them to defend against projectiles or bullets without any trouble. While riot shields are designed to be more like traditional shields to keep the crowd back or defend against thrown projectiles, a ballistic shield is designed to charge into battle and defend against bullets.

They have handles, are often made from bulletproof materials, and can even have viewing ports that allow for officers to look at the area around them without exposing their heads. The ballistic shield test shows that if the officers wielding the shields are getting shot at, then they will feel no pain or discomfort as the bullets impact the shield. Unlike getting shot with bullets when they hit a Kevlar vest, there won’t be any pain as the bullets don’t hit the body.

Finally, the shield can be easily held in one hand while a gun can be brandished in the other, allowing for police teams to confront a suspect or return fire in case they are ambushed. Most police officers are trained to use their shields together, locking them together with allies and keeping crowds or danger back while waiting for reinforcements or for additional orders.

ballistic shield test

So, while shields might be ancient technology of the past, they still hold a lot of weight with the armed forces of today to keep themselves safe from the dangers of the world.